Saturday, February 6, 2010

Card of the Day: Queen of Cups

I feel relief any time I see this card. I feel the waters surrounding the Queen of Cups are warm and inviting, calm and refreshing to take a dip in.

She herself is calm, collected, and highly intuitive. She sees your soul when she looks into your eyes. She appears as the goddess in her healing aspect, saying, "Come to me, drink of this water, be healed, and thirst no more."

The appearance of the Queen of Cups signifies her presence in the seeker's life as well as a need to exhibit her qualities individually. For men, it means getting in touch with the feminine side, as well as the gentle reminder that She is there just under the surface. For women, it means getting in touch with our nurturing side, being a mother, and finding strength in our mothers. It is letting yourself be healed, and passing on a healing touch to a friend.

She also heralds the culmination of emotional change. Something has been growing under the surface, and now it is time for this change to step out of the primordial womb and be fully born into the world. It could be big as the first fish with legs, or it could be as small as a mitochondria. Either way, it brings new possibilities and secrets of the deep.

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